Sunday, July 18, 2010

Multiplayer Unlocks

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Ranks 1-10

Keep your revolver loaded in Red DeadPlayers begin at rank 1, with access to the Cattleman Revolver, Knive, and the El SeƱor donkey mount.

Reaching rank 2 unlocks access to the Repeater Carbine.

At rank 3, players unlock the Throwing Knife.

Upon reaching rank 4, your reward is the Lusitano Nag mount, a definite upgrade from the El Senor.

Rank 5 unlocks the Volcanic Pistol.

Ranks 6 and 7 have no corresponding unlocks.

Rank 8 has two, however, the Winchester Repeater and the Turkmen Mount.

At rank 9, you'll unlock the Schofield Revolver.

Rank 10 has no unlocks.

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Ranks 11-20

Take Cover in Red Dead RedemptionRank 11 unlocks the Pump Action Shotgun

At rank 13, you'll get the Springfield Rifle.

Make your way to rank 15 to unlock the Dynamite.

Rank 17 has yet another Red Dead Redemption weapon unlock, the Double Action Revolver.

At Rank 18, you'll be granted access to the Sawed-Off Shotgun

Rank 20 grants you access to your first sniper weapon, the Rolling Block Rifle.

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Ranks 21-30

Red Dead Redemption WeaponsStart throwing molotov cocktails at rank 22, when you unlock the Fire Bottle. You'll also be riding around in style on a new mount, the Cleveland Bay.

At rank 24, you'll finally be able to abandon the use of revolvers altogether, thanks to unlocking the Semi-Automatic Pistol.

Speaking of semi-automatics, you'll also be able to upgrade to a Semi-Automatic Shotgun at rank 26.

At Rank 28, you'll be granted access to the second sniper weapon, the Carcano Rifle.

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Ranks 31-40

Red Dead Redemption HorseplayStart dealing massive damage with the Henry Repeater, starting at rank 32.

At rank 33, you'll get another mount upgrade, the Hungarian Half-Bred.

Rank 35 comes with access to the awesome High-Power Pistol.

Make like Ash from "Army of Darkness" at level 37, when you unlock the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Rank 40 comes with two unique unlocks: The Bolt Action Rifle and the American Standard-Bred mount.

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Ranks 41-50

Red Dead Redemption unlockable weapons the repeaterNow that you're approaching the top tier of multiplayer ranks is when some of the most powerful weapons are unlocked.

At rank 43, for example, the powerful Evans Repeater is unlocked.

Afterward, at rank 46, you'll get the LeMat Revolver.

At rank 49, the Mauser Pistol is unlocked.

Finally, at rank 50, players will be granted access to the uber-powerful Buffalo Rifle.

Red Dead Redemption Legendary Unlocks

Red Dead Redemption John MarstonAfter reaching level 50, RDR players are presented with a choice. They can either remain at level 50, retaining all the weapons and mounts they've unlocked, or choose to "pass into legend" and start over from level 1, retaining access to playlists, titles, characters, and golden guns but losing everything else. The obvious comparison here is to Call of Duty's "Prestige" system. There are four levels of legendary status, each with unique additional mounts and titles to unlock.

Certain mounts are also unlocked earlier on when you're making your way through the prestige ranks, ensuring you're not stuck on low-level transportation for very long. Here are the legendary unlockables:

The first RDR legendary unlockable comes at level 11, when you'll unlock the Cleavland Bay mount. This takes happens at level 11 for all four ranks of legendary.

At rank 15, you'll unlock the Hungarian Half Bred, provided you are on at least your second level of legendary.

Revolver in Red Dead RedemptionFor those on their first run through legendary, the Hungarian Half Bred is unlocked at rank 22. For those on legendary ranks 2-4, the American Standard-Bred will be unlocked at 22.

At rank 26, those on either level 3 or 4 of legendary will unlock the Bonzo mount, a ridable bull.

Rank 33 has unlockables for all four ranks of legendary. On the first playthrough, you'll unlock the American Standard-Bred at 33. For round two, you'll get the Bonzo mount. Afterward, in rank 3 and 4 of legendary, you'll get the Buffalo mount at this level.

Rank 37 has a unique unlock for those on level 4 of legendary, the Albino Buffalo mount.

Rank 40 also has multiple unlocks. On level 1 of legendary, you'll get the Bonzo mount at 40. On your second time through, the Buffalo is unlocked here. On the third time through the legendary ranks, you'll get the Albino Buffalo at rank 40.

On your fourth time through legendary, you'll get the Super Bull mount at rank 42.

Each level of legendary has its own unique unlock at level 50. On level 1, you'll unlock the Buffalo mount here. The second time through, you'll get the Albino Buffalo at rank 50. The Super Bull mount is unlocked on level 3 of legendary and the Zebra Donkey can only be attained by reaching max level on your fourth time through the legendary ranks.

Fast Experience After 1.02 Patch ( Working as of 18/7/2010)

Hi there. Alot of you may of seen videos showing people getting crazy amounts of xp at gang hideouts. Well, with the latest patch, this was stopped. BUT there is a way around this. Follow my guide below :

1. You need to delete the new patch from your playstation. To do this, go to GAME, GAME DATA UTILITY on your playstation. Look for Read Dead Redemption. When you find it, press triangle, and delete it. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR SAVED GAME!!!! I repeat, this will not delete your saved game!

2. Now you need to start RDR

3. When it asks if you want to install the latest patch, press circle, DO NOT INSTALL IT

4. An install bar will appear but dont worry, as long as you pressed circle everything is fine

5. When the game starts, GO TO SINGLE PLAYER.

6. When your game loads up, pause, go to multiplayer and select LAN game.

7. Now you are in a free roam. Go do any gang hideout ( Twin Rocks is my favourite ) and the amount of xp you will get should be much higher than you where getting.

8. Just level to the point you want, then you can quit, reinstall the patch, and jump online :)

Below is a video which highlights this: