Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fast Experience After 1.02 Patch ( Working as of 18/7/2010)

Hi there. Alot of you may of seen videos showing people getting crazy amounts of xp at gang hideouts. Well, with the latest patch, this was stopped. BUT there is a way around this. Follow my guide below :

1. You need to delete the new patch from your playstation. To do this, go to GAME, GAME DATA UTILITY on your playstation. Look for Read Dead Redemption. When you find it, press triangle, and delete it. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR SAVED GAME!!!! I repeat, this will not delete your saved game!

2. Now you need to start RDR

3. When it asks if you want to install the latest patch, press circle, DO NOT INSTALL IT

4. An install bar will appear but dont worry, as long as you pressed circle everything is fine

5. When the game starts, GO TO SINGLE PLAYER.

6. When your game loads up, pause, go to multiplayer and select LAN game.

7. Now you are in a free roam. Go do any gang hideout ( Twin Rocks is my favourite ) and the amount of xp you will get should be much higher than you where getting.

8. Just level to the point you want, then you can quit, reinstall the patch, and jump online :)

Below is a video which highlights this:


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  1. FINALLY, been looking all over for this, mang.. thanks